Bettencourt Farms
Rehoboth, MA

Family-Owned Dairy Farm

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At our farm you can buy organic products for yourself and your family.


We guarantee the freshness of our products and we want you to come to us again.


We make sure that you get the maximum benefit from our products.

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Family farm

Fresh products every day

Bettencourt Farms is a family-owned dairy farm located in Rehoboth, MA. If you are looking for organic eggs, cheese, and milk, Bettencourt Farms is the place to be.

This local farm that was established in 1891 also offers fresh chicken, beef, and pork. You can also find seasonal organic fruits and vegetables.

Bettencourt Farms

We are always waiting for you and your family

Our farm is dedicated to providing our customers and community members with fresh-grown produce that is produced safely and efficiently.

Invite your family and friends for some fresh and organic seasonal fruits, vegetables, and dairy products at Bettencourt Farms. We are looking forward to having you become part of our family.

Welcome to Bettencourt Farms

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